Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How we almost avoided a first dance

Neither the Mr. nor I are especially graceful dancers. Of the two of us, he has more skill. My style is more to bounce and bob in some semblance of rhythm with the music. I have no real moves.

While dancing with one of the mister's friends at a wedding the month before ours, the friend suggested that I might want to look into dance lessons before our wedding (!). Yeah, I'm that uncoordinated.

Over the summer, we had planned to take some ballroom dancing lessons at a place just a mile or so from our house. But with the mayhem of dissertation writing, job starting and wedding planning, the plan never became reality.

We figured we'd have the DJ start the music while we were cutting the cake, so that guests could immediately begin dancing. At first, the plan went well. The infectious '80s music drew everyone onto the dance floor.

But then... our plan was foiled! The Women of Honor stopped the music for toasts, and to start the dancing again, the DJ played In Your Eyes and everyone spread to the edges of the room. I think they even chanted first dance, first dance. This despite the fact that it was after 9, and we were sweaty from dancing for hours.

So there we were, in the middle of an empty room, with nothing to do but dance.


Eco Yogini said...

oh god. I can relate. I actually LOVE dancing, but Andrew HATES it- to the point that we have never actually danced together....
The thought of our 'first dance' actually BEING our first dance makes me feel nauseous.

So- my mothers dance teacher friend has kindly offered to give us lessons at her apartment.

now we need to choose a song that has: OBVIOUS beat, isn't corny and that is meaningful to both of us even though he likes punk rock and i like folk.

right. lol.

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

I worry about our first dance too.

I love your idea of getting everyone onto the dance floor to boogie to try to avoid it lol!!!

You guys look too cute dancing though... :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks for the affirmation that I was not alone in first dance bashfulness. It turned to be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning: that is, figuring out how to avoid it! :) When I spoke to my dad about whether we should do a father-daughter dance, he admitted the same shyness (guess it runs in the family!) and we were both relieved to nix that one.

I loved having everyone dancing after the cake cutting - way to work through the sugar rush!