Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Notes from the field: Haven't we been here before?

A year ago, I went to Data Monkey and Mountain Man Mike's wedding at the gorgeous, redwood-clad Pema Ose Ling, in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Today, I go to another wedding in the same spot.  I've never been to the same wedding venue twice.  I'm so curious how it will be different.

It will be different for me:  I'm going stag, because Eric has to work.  I haven't gone solo to a wedding in quite a few years.  I thought that was over, now that I have a date-for-life. 

But I'm not about to miss a good party, where I'll get to see some of my wedding gear have a second (or third) life.  So happy to keep the wedding co-op going.

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