Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recap #5: The Unexpected Perils of Being Barefoot

Style flash:
Matching striped sock photos are OUT.
Matching INVISIBLE sock photos are IN.

Some brides have multiple dresses*, with a different one for the reception - I had multiple footwear options.

I wore flipflops to the beach, was barefoot for the ceremony - it's hard to describe just how comforting and grounding it was to dig my toes into the warm sand as waves of emotion washed over me - and then rocked the Jimmy Choos at the reception.

One thing I didn't take into account when planning these changes of footwear was how I'd manage to free my feet of sand so they'd be pretty for the Jimmys.

We left paintbrushes for the guests to clean off their feet.

In my poufy dress, I couldn't manage it myself. In his first act of spousal caring, Eric came to the rescue.

When I got to the reception site, my brother helped me get the remaining grit from between my toes.

Images (except #2 & #3) by the spectacular Kate Harrison.
2 and 3 by the supremely talented Doc Water.


LPC said...

I just love that your feet were washed.

elizabeth said...

I never woulda guessed that this ancient Christian ritual would make its way into our spiritual/ secular ceremony. WASP roots run deep...